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i-m4 Jewel

No Longer Available

Jewel Golf Buggy & Mobility Scooter
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Product description i-m4 Jewel

The "i-m4 Jewel" is an exciting new concept from i-motioncaddys, purposely built and designed to suit both the "single seat golf buggy market" and the "Less-abled mobility scooter market".

The i-m4 Jewel was born from appertaining and digesting feed back from both the golfing! and Less-abled fraternity!, coupled with recommendations from DGS (Disabled Golf Society) and subsequently endorsed by DGS.

I-motioncaddys have purposely kept many of the Mechanical, Electrical and Structural Design features found on the i-m4 utility golf buggy, with the inclusion of the re-designed middle section for easy mounting, which is more suitable to the mobility scooter market.

The other major design changes we have made for the scooter mobility market? are the fitting of the very comfortable sprung loaded, 190 degree Swivel seat, which is fully foldable, and can be easily removed from the i-m4 Jewel to enable easy loading into a car.

The "i-m4 Jewel Mobility Scooter" also boost a full lighting system including Two Front Headlights, a Rear Spot Light, and Left and Right Intermittent Indicators,

The "Jewel" also features 4 x 13" by 6" inch 4 ply Balloon Tires, Fold Down handle bars, Interchangeable Golf Bag or Carrying Basket Bracket,

High/Low Speed Function, Forward/Reverse Switch, Hall accelerator or Thumb Turn Various Speed System, Electro Magnetic Brake System, amongst a few.

Because of the new design features "and" the robust structural infrastructure of the new "i-m4 Jewel", this vehicle has the capability to service both markets?? so whether you are looking to use the i-m4 Jewel as a Golf Buggy?? or a Mobility Scooter?? or of course "BOTH" the i-m4 Jewel is the vehicle for you.

Not just a golf buggie! the new i-m4 Jewel can be used on the road for shoppping etc.

  • Fully lighting system, rear brakes and indicator.
  • 190 degree Swivel Seat.
  • Foldable seat.
  • Balloon Tires.

i-m4 Jewel Specification

i-m4 JEWEL
Body & Chassis
Steel frame construction
Rust protected powder coated steel work
Strong Plastic Injection Molded Body
Range of color's available
Graphite Black. Claret Red.
Electric Blue. Champaign                

Motor 24V 800 Watt permanent magnetism
Sealed lead acid batteries 12V 45AH x 2
Automatic pulse charger 24V 5Amp
Input AC115V/230V Output DC24V/5Amp
20.1 Rear Axle Gear Ratio
Max Speed 16Km
Low Speed 6.4Km
Three Pin Charger Point.
Re-charge time 8-10 hours
Controller PG,S-DRIVE,24V120A.
Hall accelerator continuous variable
Speed system.

Overall length 49" - 125cm
Overall width 30" - 76cm
Overall height 44" - 112cm

Dimensions inc Golf Bag Holder & Head Rest
Overall length 62" - 158cm
Overall width 30" - 76cm
Overall height 50.5" - 128cm

Dimensions Folded
Overall length 49" - 125cm
Overall width 30" - 76cm
Overall height back of Seat folded 34" - 86cm
Overall height Seat Off 22" – 56cm

One person seating capacity
Maximum travel distance 45km
Maximum Load capacity 150kg
Weight 153kg with batteries, 132kg without batteries
Slope climbing capacity 13 degrees
Electromagnetic Braking system
rake range within ≤1m
Turning radius ≤4m
Front Fork and Spring Suspension.

Lighting System
Two Front Head Lights
Rear Brake Spot Light
Left & Right Intermittent Indicators
Light Switches / Handle Bar Mounted

Console Mounted
Forward & reverse switch.
High/Low switch.
Ignition Key.
Battery Indicator.

Fold Down Handle Bars
190 Degree Swivel Seat.
Fully Foldable & Removable Seat.
Helix spring absorbers
Tires 32.5cm x 15cm / 13"x 6"
4 x 4 Balloon 4 Ply Tires
Japanese wheel bearings
Quick release seat system
Ground Clearance 90mm
Interchangeable Golf Bag & Basket Holder
Full range of optional accessories