i-m4 Single Seat Electric Golf Buggy

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Product description - i-m4 Single Seat Electric Golf Buggy

WHY should you choose to buy the i-m4 Electric Golf Buggy when looking to invest in a golf buggy

Well one very good reason why is because its the Best "Single Seat Golf Buggy" on the market to date!!! The fact is that the i-m4 electric golf buggy is the most versatile utility mobility vehicle out there at this time!!

Why should you invest in the i-m4?? well most of the reasons why can be found in the specification,?? such as!!

Curtis Controller, New 17.1 Gear Ratio Rear Axel, 1200 Watt Motor, High/Low Variable Speed System, Optional 45Ah / 48Ah or 75Ah Interchangeable Lead Sealed Acid Batteries, Easy Chassis Access, Carrying Capacity, Steel Frame Construction, Strong Fiber Glass Body, Range Of Colors, Quick Release Systems, Fits Easily Into a Car.

"But" in my opinion, and as the designer of the i-m4, the answer to the question "WHY" should I choose the i-m4 when buying a single seat golf buggy is:

"The Style" "The Look" "The Appearance" "The Shape" "The Futuristic Design"

Call it what you like?? but the fact remains that the i-m4 is the most stylish looking golf buggy accessory on the market, with the performance to match!!!!

Dose it matter about the Style when purchasing a Golf Buggy

It matters because with the modern day i-m4 electric single seat golf buggy design, comes the modern way of thinking and perception, and brings benefits that will not appear on the spec sheet???

Such as?? not being stigmatized or labeled?? because when riding the i-m4 you are seen to have moved away from the conventional mobility golf scooter and the perception that goes with it??

Riding at Walking pace with your fellow golfers having eye contact, as apposed to looking up at them as most conventional golf scooters make you do???

Having your i-m4 seat independently sprung so you ride the bumps, as apposed to riding on the bumps, as with most conventional golf scooters because there seat is attached directly to the chassis. Therefore if you are in the market for a single seat golf ride/ then "Why" not go for the "Crème de la Crème" and choose the Rolls Royce of single seat golf rides, the i-m4 from i-motioncaddys.

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i-m4 Golf Buggy Specifications

Body & Chasis
Steel frame construction
Strong fibre glass body
Rust protected powder coated steel work
Easy battery access
Range of colours available

Electric Motor 36V 1200 Watt permanent magnetism
Sealed lead acid batteries 12V 48AH x 3
Automatic pulse charger - input AC110V/240V output DC36V/5A
Speed switch High (19km/h) Low 6.4km/h
Recharge time 6-8 hours
Maximum travel distance 50km
CURTIS Controller 1227-3402 DC36V/160A
CURTIS Connector
Micro switch fitted
Emergency foot brake
Hall accelerator continuous variable speed system

Overall length 48" - 121.9cm
Overall width 31" - 78.7cm
Overall height 42" - 106.7cm
Height folded 31" - 78.7cm
Height with Quick release 27" - 68.6cm
Wheel base 35" - 90cm
Minimal ground clearance 4.5" - 11cm

One person seating capacity
Carrying capacity 150kg
Weight 145kg with batteries, 100kg without batteries
Maximum speed 15-19km/h
Slope climbing capacity 17 degrees
Brake range ≤4m
Turning radius ≤3m
Forward & reverse console mounted

Helix spring absorbers
Tyres 32.5cm x 15cm 4 wheels
Japanese wheel bearings
Electromagnetic & mechanical braking system
Quick release seat system
Full range of optional accessories