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Welcome to Electric Golf Buggies, UK's number 1 place for Electric Golf Caddies and Buggies. I-Motion Caddys have been manufactoring golf buggies since 2000 bringing the unique i-m4 electric single seat golf buggy to you

i-m4 electric single seat golf buggy have been sold all over the world and been supplied to many golf courses and private sectors making this the most favable golf caddy we have dealt with

The I-M4 is not just a golf buggy, we have totally changed the way they look and feel, no more large golf buggies that are large and clumsey and lack a modern look. The new I-M4 is the future of Electric Golf Caddys and brings the fun back to the Golf Range with its modern design and likable apearance. We developed the I-M4 Electric Golf Buggy to be very portable and fit in to the boot a car (or by utilising the unique I-M4 golf buggy trailer) So you can now take your portable Electric Golf Cart to any golf courses, whether its close by or far away

The I-M4 boasts 1200 Watt Electric motor and a gear ratio that blows away other convential golf carts. Our Electric Golf Buggy are able to climb the steepest hills found on some golf courses with ease, see or Electric Buggy Hill Test Video. The Golf Caddy is able to complete 36 holes on a full electric charge with ease, and its superior 4 wheel build allows for better grip and less damages to the golf turf whilst allowing for the outstanding performance for both single and fleet buyers alike

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i-m4 Electric Golf Buggies

i-motioncaddys, Part of ACT UK Ltd, is a UK and global manufacturer of the unique i-m4 electric single seat golf buggy and have been enjoying sales all over the world under the i-motioncaddys global patent for the past 5 years. i-motioncaddys expertise, attention to detail and innovation is of great importance in their quest for perfection within the field of electric golf and utility vehicles and buggies. i-motioncaddys have broken away from tradition and designed the “future of single seat electric golf buggies”. The i-m4 will easily complete 36 holes on a full charge and its superior quality 4 wheel build, 17.1 Gear ratio axel allows for outstanding performance for both single and fleet buyers alike.

The i-m4 chassis is built from a steel frame construction which has been uniquely designed to accept 45Ah / 48Ah or 75Ah “Lead sealed Acid Batteries” within the same framework, therefore suitable for “Golf Course Commercial use” or “Personal use” the chassis is then powder coated to prevent rust, and fitted with a strong fibreglass body which is available in a range of colours.

The i-m4 Electric Golf Buggy has a 36V 1200 Watt electric permanent magnetism motor, two speed settings; low 6.4km/h and high 19km/h and an emergency foot brake. The i-m4 golf buggies are caplable of climbing the steepest hills due to the 1200 Watt electric moter, see our golf buggy hill test. The lift up body also allows easy access to the batteries which can be fully recharged in 6-8 hours.

The i-m4 Electric Golf Buggy also benefits from a quick release system allowing you to fold down the steering column and even remove the seat section to enable it to fit into the back of a car, or a lockdown system for commercial storage at the golf course.

Electric Golf Buggy In Blacki-motioncaddys have also developed and manufactured the i-m4 trailer for the transportation of the i-m4 golf buggy. The bespoke, user friendly “drive on” “drive off” i-m4 trailer has many favourable attributes, but the most beneficial feature is the safe, easy loading and unloading of your electric golf buggy, this feature is proving to be a winner with all customers who have purchased the i-m4 Electric Golf Buggy and Trailer. i-motioncaddys also have a wide range of accessories available for the i-m4 including a seat back rest, front and rear baskets, scorecard holder, golf bag, bag holder, umbrella holder and more.